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Madison Metropolitan School District

Bus Routes


Badger Bus Lines

Please remember to arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the published stop time. Please note that PM (drop off) times have been estimated. Please be aware: 

  • The bus could be early, but will wait until the established drop off time.
  • The bus could be late due to road conditions, traffic, student interaction, etc...

Parents/Guardians must assume responsibility for student safety while walking to, waiting at and walking from bus stop locations.

Contact Info:

  • Regular Yellow School Bus Services: 608-298-5471
  • Specialized Transportation Services: 608-298-5470 
  • All services after 5:00pm: 608-310-4892
  • E-mail:
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Yellow Bus Routes BELOW: 2020 - 2021 School - Always subject to change.

  • Route Documents (Click school name for that school's route documents)
  • 4K transportation route and stop information can be obtained from the school office or in Infinite Campus for each student.

Summer School Routes - Subject to change during the summer and from year to year.

Secondary Transportation: Grades 6-12

Secondary students who qualify for district funded passes and require transportation will be distributed bus passes to access the Metro Transit transportation through the school based process already in place. All secondary schools will operate under the same school/bus schedule in place during the 2019-2020 school year, except for high schools operating on a half-day schedule. If contact tracing is required for a student rider, Metro will provide MMSD with the tape to support our efforts. This will be coordinated through the transportation department. Eating or drinking on Metro buses will not be allowed. Therefore, students will be given a grace period of 17 minutes to eat their grab and go lunch before boarding the bus for the early release of high school. The school staff will be utilized to support and supervise students during this time.


Metro Transit

Phone: 608-266-4466, Call Metro Transit for specific route information. Website

Need to Purchase a Bus Pass from Madison Metro? Click Here

Need Madison Metro Supplemental School Service Bus Routes? Click Here

Employment Opportunity:


Are you interested in an employment opportunity as a School Bus Driver or a Bus Attendant?

Contact Badger Bus Lines directly at 608-310-4870

Transportation Services

4711 Pflaum Road, Madison, WI 53718

Transportation Services Staff:

Michael LaCount, Transportation Coordinator, Regular, 4K, Metro Transit, and Private School

(608) 442-2898 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

Bob Byington, Transportation Coordinator, Specialized and Alternative

(608) 663-5288 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

Amanda Nagel, Administrative Assistant, Transportation Services (TEP)

(608) 442-2897 - Office
(608) 204-0375 - Fax

ROUTES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE...Our bus company and school staff will communicate directly with impacted parents/students in advance.

ANY REQUESTS FOR CHANGES MUST BE MADE IN WRITING...Email your request to Transportation Services. 

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER OR AN ATTENDANT? Contact the above school bus company directly.

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